Computer Telephony Integration

Work Force Optimization (WFO)

Software for managing, analyzing, and optimizing contact center customer service

  • Provides unprecedented visibility into contact center and customer service processes, workforce performance, and customer intelligence
  • Sets a new standard for total cost of ownership, depth of functionality, system administration, real-time enterprise collaboration, navigation, and ease of use.
  • Captures and analyzes customer interactions, offering Real-time at the Right Time insight for better decisions
  • Helps improve workforce performance, satisfaction, and retention
  • Uncovers business trends and competitive advantages
  • Surfaces the root cause of customer and employee behavior
  • Delivers data for better, faster decisions that can impact revenue, costs, compliance, customer loyalty, and competitive advantage



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Impact 360 Workforce Optimization: A Single Solution to Unify Contact Center Functions

Today's contact centers typically use a variety of software to manage customer service functions, such as scheduling agents or performing quality monitoring. These solutions tend to be deployed in separate areas, providing a narrow, fragmented view of operations.

Impact 360 Workforce Optimization from Verint Witness Actionable Solutions enables the systems involved in critical contact center and customer service functions to share information, work together, and ultimately deliver a better, more cost-effective customer experience. This suite of workforce optimization software and services can also provide information and metrics that your contact center can share with other areas of the organization, such as marketing, branch offices, and back-office operations.

Setting a New Standard in Industry

As the industry's first 5th generation enterprise workforce optimization solution, Impact 360 sets new standards for total cost of ownership, depth of functionality, system administration, real-time enterprise collaboration, navigation, and ease of use. The solution is designed for larger contact centers that typically have some combination of multiple sites, inbound/outbound services, and virtual, outsourced, or offshore centers. For smaller contact centers, Verint offers Impact 360 Express.

Both solutions can help your enterprise gain a clearer picture of what your customers think, want, and need, and how effectively you're delivering it. Armed with data based on actual interactions, you can take a "Real-time at the Right Time" approach and adjust your staffing, processes, products, and services appropriately.





Impact 360 Workforce Optimization for Larger Contact Centers

While Impact 360 provides valuable solutions for each of the specific contact center activities listed below, it delivers even greater value when deployed as a suite. Because its solutions work together, it can make information that's typically available in different functional areas of your business available at a click of a button. As a result, you can predict, perform, analyze, and act to meet the changing requirements of your business.

The Impact 360 Workforce Optimization suite includes:

  • Quality monitoring
  • Recording
  • Voice of the customer analytics
  • Speech analytics
  • Data analytics
  • Text analytics
  • Customer feedback analytics
  • Desktop and process analytics
  • Workforce management
  • Performance management
  • eLearning
  • Coaching
  • Add-on options
  • Best-practices consulting

A Cycle of Continuous Performance Improvement in Contact Centers

By combining information from different functions and sources within the contact center, Impact 360 Workforce Optimization can provide a cycle of continuous performance improvement. You can:

  • Capture customer interactions in their entirety, selectively, on demand, or randomly
  • Analyze data from customer interactions across multiple channels to understand trends and root causes
  • Establish realistic forecasts and performance goals
  • Schedule and deploy the right number of staff with the appropriate skills
  • Collect customer feedback through IVR, Web, and email surveys to understand drivers of satisfaction, identify improvement areas, and gauge customer loyalty in real time
  • Measure performance and analyze processes to identify execution issues and excellence
  • Make decisions that improve service delivery, efficiency, products, processes, and profits
  • Drive improvement by delivering targeted training and coaching or re-engineering processes
  • Refine your forecasts and performance goals based on key performance indicators and other valuable data you've collected

Impact 360 is available as a comprehensive solution or in packages that target different areas of contact center operations. Optional functionality can be added to Impact 360 solutions to help contact centers meet specific customer service requirements.

Impact 360 Express: Workforce Optimization for Small to Mid-sized Contact Centers

Today's contact centers face the challenges of meeting customer expectations while controlling operating costs and making the best use of their resources. While centers of all sizes often struggle with this challenge, it can be particularly difficult in smaller centers, where a single agent can impact performance-and customer satisfaction.

To provide smaller centers with the benefits of workforce optimization, Verint Witness Actionable Solutions offers Impact 360 Express. Impact 360 Express automates and simplifies key contact center activities that impact workforce productivity, agent performance, and customer satisfaction, including:

  • Quality monitoring and recording
  • Forecasting, scheduling, and adherence monitoring
  • Automated training assignment