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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Prophecy IVR Platform Software

IVR - short for Interactive Voice Response - is a technology that automates interaction with telephone callers. Enterprises are increasingly turning to IVR to reduce the cost of common sales, service, collections, inquiry and support calls to and from their company.

The Voxeo Prophecy IVR Platform is a pure software, standards-based foundation for any IVR, VoIP, or other telephony application. The flexible and reliable platform has a proven track record of successful, real-world deployments by Voxeo and our customers since 1999. Prophecy is the only VoiceXML platform that passes 100% of the VoiceXML compliance tests. It is also 100% CCXML compliantivr

The Voxeo Prophecy IVR Platform seamlessly integrates with existing telephony and Web-based infrastructure, and supports traditional touch-tone IVR, speech recognition, CTI, call control and recording, conferencing, ISDN, SIP VoIP, and more.

How does the Prophecy IVR Platform compare to other solutions?

The Voxeo Prophecy IVR Platform includes many valuable features other platforms lack, including full W3C standards support, comprehensive CCXML call control, call conferencing and recording, and more. The following chart summarizes Voxeo's feature advantages over most other vendors:

VoiceXML 2.0
SRGS Grammars
SSML Speech Synthesis
VoiceXML 2.1 Extensions
CCXML 1.0 Call Control
Supports 100% of W3C IVR Standards
CallXML 2.0
Call Recording
Call Conferencing
Native VOIP Support
Multi-lingual ASR / TTS
Full CTI Support
Intelligent Call Progress Analysis
SYSLOG Logging
Proven Scalability
Premise solution and hosted service
24 x 7 Technical Support


In stark contrast to legacy IVR hardware, Prophecy is an open software and standards-based IVR solution that runs on readily available Wintel and Cisco equipment and leverages web development experience and platforms. The resulting solution delivers an IVR platform that is more valuable, offers rapid development and return on investment (ROI), and features a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than the alternatives.

More Valuable

More Usable

Easy-to-use VoiceXML audio prompt playback, audio recording, touch-tone interaction, voice recognition, and text to speech capabilities deliver usability your customers will love... and our open software architecture makes it easy for you to address future requirements with technology upgrades.

More Versatile

Flexible CCXML call control delivers inbound call handling, outbound call delivery, intelligent call routing, comprehensive call conferencing, and call center integration features that leave other solutions miles behind. Plus, the Voxeo Prophecy IVR Platform supports the ability to digitally record all or a portion of all calls for third party verification (TPV) of FTC telesales requirements. Simply put, no one gives you more control over your calls than Voxeo.

More Reliable

Redundant software architecture and the maturity of having answered and placed hundreds of millions of calls removes all single points of failure and ensures your application will answer the call every time.

More Scalable

Distributed architecture - originally designed for large scale IVR outsourcing - delivers proven scalability from tens to thousands of ports.

More Standards

The present and future direction of the IVR industry is defined by a suite of IVR/Voice standards from the W3C, the same organization that created the highly successful standards that power the web. The Voxeo Prophecy IVR Platform is the first and only platform to support the entire suite of W3C Voice/IVR standards: VoiceXML for IVR control, CCXML for call control, SRGS for speech recognition control, and SSML for text to speech control. Prophecy supports over 15 other IT standards including XML/XPath and SOAP for back-office integration, SYSLOG for logging, ENUM/DNS for call routing, and SIP for both PSTN/PBX and VoIP telephony integration.

The Net Result 

The flexibility to handle applications of all sizes and scopes.

nixxix Contact SuiteNixxis Contact Suite is the last generation unified contact center software solution. It transforms your call center operations giving a single, unified platform for a full breadth of customer contact capabilities for inbound, outbound, voice portal, Internet contact, multichannel self-service and proactive contact capabilities and collaboration functionality. NCS will enhance business processes throughout your organisation by incorporating some of the industry smartest functionalities like profit based routing, multi-wave campaigns or team overflow. It combines with the latest feature-rich, high-availability, next-generation IP communication platforms and exclusive Amazon based cloud services enabling you to benefit from the highest possible flexibility in service allocation combined with industry leading profitability and productivity components.

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Sikom AgentOne ContactCenter SuiteSikom AgentOne ContactCenter Suite

"The intelligent platform for calls, emails, fax messages and documents"

AgentOne® ContactCenter from Sikom enables your employees to make full use of the efficient Contact Center technology that so far has been available only to large contact centers. Thanks to its individually programmable interfaces, AgentOne® ContactCenter offers a maximum of efficiency. Based on the proven experience of Sikom Software GmbH, the application can be customized to fit your company's needs and allow your employees to completely leverage the potential of their customer communication.


  • Efficient cross-channel communication

  • Independent of the telephone system

  • Flexible and scalable



Computer Telephony Integration

Product overview: update.CRM

Our award-winning CRM software is the culmination of 25 years of CRM experience. We focus on continually optimizing the business processes that our customers’ marketing, sales, and service teams need. Our software integrates seamlessly into existing system environments and can be extended with a range of additional products and CRM tools for mobile and social CRM, making update.CRM a full-service solution.

Update’s CRM software at a glance:

Web-based CRM

Our web-based CRM application for marketing, sales, and service departments.

Mobile CRM

Sales team works efficiently with access to customer data – even from the road.

Social CRM

Use information from social media to assist your customers as well as possible.

CRM integration into your system environment

Perfect incorporation into complex IT infrastructures and smooth interplay with third-party systems.

Integrated evaluation functions with Analytical CRM

Analyze corporate and customer data and receive important insights faster.

CRM Administration

Documents and process description of individual systems and methodical evaluation of saved customer data.


We offer specialized, industry-specific solutions for the construction/construction supply industries, manufacturing and mechanical engineering industries, the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries, consumer goods, financial services and other sectors. Thanks to our insider's knowledge of these fields, we can help you adapt your CRM solution to your business’s specific requirements and daily operations. We continuously improve our high-quality solutions, orienting ourselves firmly toward our users’ needs and changing market requirements

The result:

CRM software that is always up-to-date, efficient, and scalable at any time, and which can be individually customized to suit your requirements. Now in its eighth generation, update’s CRM software offers more than just comprehensive functionality. It also works with a constantly growing catalog of powerful supplemental products that open up new and innovative solutions. The standard version of the CRM software is available in more than 20 languages, demonstrating our commitment to providing our customers with a flexible solution for strategic, collaborative and analytic CRM.

The new generation moves the user onto center stage

The latest generation fundamentally improves the user experience by focusing 100% on users, the processes they require and their needs when working with the CRM software. Our users are now presented with extremely flexible user interfaces that can be customized as required.

Our stringent quality standards, combined with our many years of CRM expertise, form the foundation for helping our customers become more successful and efficient through professional customer relationship management. You can focus on your essential tasks and corporate goals, enjoying increased success while we take care of the rest.


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Computer Telephony IntegrationComputer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Control and coordination of calls, events, and applications

What is CTI: Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is defined as the exchange of commands and messages between computers, telecommunications systems and peripheral/adjunct systems which integrates existing or new computer and telephony systems. CTI is adding "intelligence" to existing applications that use voice processing and telephony. Businesses seeking new ways to better serve customers, increase productivity, or reduce costs are increasingly turning to this innovative technology solution. Faster call handling, personalized customer service, Improved sales effectiveness, Reduced management and personnel costs. Improved individual employee performance. These are goals that our customers achieve through our computer telephony integration (CTI) solutions. Pan Cyber specializes in the implementation of CTI solutions for diverse business environments. Our CTI solutions can be customized for any business environment

CTI Applications

IVR: an automated telephone answering system that plays voice prompts or voice menus and allows the user to respond via the telephone keypad . IVR is typically used in transaction-based (database) applications such as train ticket reservation systems and account information query systems.

Call Control (SoftPhone): The computer application takes control of the telephone to send commands to setup, answer, hold, and transfer calls automatically.

Screen Pop: Calling party information is presented on the computer screen automatically when the call rings the user's desktop telephone.

Contact Management: Integrating contact databases with your CTI system enables a single point of management for all contacts and correspondence.

Preview Dialing: Application allows the computer user to make calls from their screen rather than their telephone.

We are specialized in implementing the CTI solutions on various telecom platforms such as Nortel, Alcatel, Siemens, Philips, Cisco etc. Our telephony team can help you design, implement, and manage your next IVR or CT project.

Benefits of implementing CTI

  Superior Customer Service Capabilities

  Coordinated Call Handling and Database Updates

  Support Center/Call Center Cost Saving

  Increased Productivity for Users (Product Information Specialists, Service
    Representatives)     Productivity for Users (Product Information Specialists, Service     Representatives)



Computer Telephony Integration

Short Messaging Services

Incontact is an Enterprise SMS solution with high-capacity, massively scalable service platform that brings the Unicode messaging capabilities of the mobile devices and enables enterprise users to send and receive messages in multilingual text. incontact is a full-featured, secure application that allows flexibility for businesses to develop customized short message notifications. incontact has flexibility in creating campaigns to suit different needs and customer groups. incontact is developed using industry standard SMPP protocol inorder to provide a flexible data communications interface for the transfer of short messages.


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Integrating the SMS Services with the existing business applications gives an extended advantage to the corporations. It can be services such as reading email via the SMS, auto-event trigger of a SMS alert to relevant personnel during a system failure or sending customers latest information on products or services. At Pan Cyber, we aim to help enterprises to leverage on the power of the messaging technologies.

Advantages of Short Messaging Services

  • Save Cost - Reduce Communication Costs by Automated sending of company news, announcements and reports to clients.

  • Generate more revenues.

  • Retain Customer loyalty.

  • Highly rated as a means for businesses to communicate.

  • Cost-effective way of communicating to any mobile audience.

  • High level of Attention to SMS received by individuals.

  • Speed of Delivery - generally delivered in few seconds.

  • Effective way of communicating directly to the intended recipient. SMS mass broadcasting to customers on new products and services as another channel for advertising which is effective and low cost.

  • Automation - Integrate SMS with existing (legacy) database environments, SMS can be automated as easily as it is to automate the sending of e-mail.

  • Message Reporting - messages are logged with a full message report by the system and can be searched based on date, content, destination number and product or ID employed. This allows full tracking and reporting, which allows the business to exercise control.

  • One SMS - one recipient. SMS messages are sent to individual mobile handsets where it is personal and aimed at that specific individual.

  • Event triggered SMS alerts.

  • 2-Way messaging provides customers the ability to query the status and get response.


  Computer Telephony Integration

The zero administration fax server!

Faxing manually is out of date. A professional fax server grants substantial savings on cost and improves customer service and image: The process of sending a fax is much shorter and incoming faxes are automatically integrated with today's 'email-based' workflow.

GFI FaxMaker is a leading fax server for small to medium-sized enterprises. It makes sending and receiving faxes an efficient, simple and cost effective process and solves the problems with manual faxing: printing out the document, walking to the fax machine, waiting for the fax to go through, not to mention the cost of fax machine supplies and repair. GFI FaxMaker allows users to send and receive faxes directly from their email client.

Windows 2008With thousands of customers and numerous awards, GFI FaxMaker is a well-established network fax server software solution. It gives you reliability and enterprise functionality at highly competitive pricing. You'll spend less time sending, collecting and distributing faxes, and you'll notice significant savings too. Why waste paper? Use GFI FaxMaker and each fax is saved digitally for easier filing and finding!

No burden on the administrator

GFI FaxMaker fax server software is easy to install, requires little maintenance and integrates with existing messaging clients and customized solutions on your network.

Seamless integration with existing business processes

GFI FaxMaker integrates with your mail server, allowing users to send and receive faxes and SMS/text messages using their email client. With our solution you can even backup all faxes and search them in the same way that emails are stored and retrieved on the network.

Fax over IP (FOIP) support

GFI FaxMaker supports Fax over IP (FOIP) and integrates with IP-enabled PABXs, and Brooktrout's SR 140 technology to send faxes over an IP Telephony Network.

Why choose GFI FaxMaker for Exchange/SMTP/Lotus as your fax server?

  • More than 10 years as a leading and highly popular network fax server software solution
  • Excellent price-performance ratio and immediate return on investment (ROI)
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, Lotus Domino and MDaemon
  • Award-winning Solution
  • Easy-to-use and learn
  • Install it and forget it: No burden on administrators


Computer Telephony Integration

GSM Gateway

A GSM gateway is a device for reducing the user’s costs when calling from fixed lines to GSM networks. In general, calling from the fixed to a mobile network is more expensive than calling between mobile networks, but a GSM gateway allows you to save the difference. All 2N GSM gateways also exist in a UMTS network version.



A GSM gateway is a tool for: 
 Receiving and sending FAX messages 
 Receiving and sending SMS messages 
 Cost savings 
 Forwarding calls to mobile phones – Mobility Extension



2N EasyGate +

2N SmartGate +

2N BlueTower VoIP +

2N NetStar IP  +

2N NetStar +

Computer Telephony Integration

Dialguard for Windows, designed for single and multi-site enterprises, interfaces between any PABX / KTS with a serial output and a PC system to accurately register, collect, analyze, verify and store call information. The system registers and tracks incoming/outgoing, trunk-to-trunk, conference, transfers, and internal calls, including response time. Dialguard Enterprise version supports Multi-User and Multi-company and it provides a comprehensive security access module that allows only authorized personnel to access sensitive data and administrative functions. These include assignment of extensions, pricing of calls etc.


Dialguard Brochure

Dialguard Presentation

By extracting and translating data from a variety of telecom data sources, Dialguard provides valuable business reports that will help your organization improve employee productivity, optimize trunk resources, prevent telephone call abuse, control, allocate, and recover telecom costs. Dialguard is a leading Call Billing Solution for IP PBX, and is fully compatible with all major IP Telephone Systems including CISCO and 3Com NBX.


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