nixxix Contact Suite
Nixxis Contact Suite is the last generation unified contact center software solution. It transforms your call center operations giving a single, unified platform for a full breadth of customer contact capabilities for inbound, outbound, voice portal, Internet contact, multichannel self-service and proactive contact capabilities and collaboration functionality. NCS will enhance business processes throughout your organisation by incorporating some of the industry smartest functionalities like profit based routing, multi-wave campaigns or team overflow. It combines with the latest feature-rich, high-availability, next-generation IP communication platforms and exclusive Amazon based cloud services enabling you to benefit from the highest possible flexibility in service allocation combined with industry leading profitability and productivity components.

• Dial mode:
    » Manual Dialling
    » Preview Dialling
    » Progressive Dialling
    » Power Dialling
    » Restricted Power Dialling
    » Predictive Dialling
    » Call-backs only
    » Search mode
• Multimedia agent:
    » Initiate a call
    » Transfer a call
    » Put a call in conference
    » Hang up
    » Record a conversation
    » Put a call on hold
    » End the wrap up mode
    » Get in pause
    » Send an sms
    » Start a chat session
    » Handle an incoming mail

• IVR:
    » Simple IVR interface
    » VoiceXML standard
    » Program interface IVR

• Blending to same agent:
    » Multiple inbound
    » Inbound and outbound
    » Multiple outbound
    » Multi-media on different       interaction  channels

• Scripting:
    » Inbound and outbound
    » Workflow
    » Real-time
    » Web reporting module
    » Productivity monitoring
    » Multilingual and cross-channel
• Remote and at-home agents
• CRM integrations (Screen pop)

Quanti- & qualitative Supervision:

• Multiple Real-time views:
    » Team view
    » Agent view
    » Queue view
    » Campaign view
    » Alert view
    » Contact state: busy, answering        machine, on line,…

• Contact qualification
• SLA monitoring
• Site independent supervision (complete virtual principle)
• Listen, record, intrude, messaging, transfer,…
• Completely configurable screens

• Reporting
    • One-Click report generation
    • Automatic publication to Intranet,
      Web or e-mails
    • Pre-programmed report scheduler
    • Includes 100s of standard report       formats
    • Fully customizable
» Interfaces to:
    • Cognos
    • Business Objects
    • Crystal reports
    • Export to pdf, xls, etc…

• Administration:
• Centralized administration
• System administration
• HR administration
• Business projects administration
    » Campaigns
    » Activities
    » Topics
• User-friendly interface

• Recording
    » Initiated by agent, supervisor, script,
       at random or by default
    » Complete conversation or activation
       on demand
    » Defined moments or rule based
    » All conversations; choice by agent
    » Both voice and data
    » Play back during wrap-up

• Capacity:
    » Up to 5000 ACD agents
    » Growth by adding servers
    » Start small, grow larger, license only        what you need
• On-site, hosted, ASP or Cloud mode, you    choose