Computer Telephony Integration

Mobile Banking

Modefin Server

MODEFINSERVER is a Mobile Commerce, Mobile Banking and Mobile Payment solution. The core solution offering includes: 

  • • Mobile Banking, Agency Banking, Branchless Banking Solution 
    • Mobile Wallet, Mobile Money, Virtual Money Account Solution 
    • Mobile Payment, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Remittance, Mobile POS Solutione

Platform Usage - 

mBanking complete Mobile Banking Solution, empowering your customers with access to Push and Pull SMS Banking, USSD Banking, GPRS Banking, IVR (Phone Banking), STK and WAP Portal Banking leveraging on a single multi-channel platform. 

mWallet Integrated payments solution that enables the creation of a Stand Alone Accounts (SVA) or Virtual Account or Mobile Wallet. It offers end-to-end payments functionality typical of core banking solutions in addition to value added services. 

mRemittances provides unique solution supporting domestic and international remittances. Core focus on cross–border remittance supporting mobile–to–mobile, mobile-to-bank, mobile-to-cash and cash–to–mobile services. 

Agency Banking Branchless Banking Solution, which not only provides list of banking services but also lets you take care of complete Agency Management. Supports Agent Recruitments, Training, Commissions, Pricing, Revenue Management, Governance. 

mDisbursements a secure and efficient means of disbursing salaries, pensions and loan. Recommended for Microfinance. Same module would also be used for EMI collection. 
mGovernment digital interactions using mobile between a government and citizens (G2C), government and businesses / Commerce (G2B), government and employees (G2E), and also between government and governments /agencies (G2G). 

mPOS Mobile POS also called as Virtual POS is a very good option for banks who don’t have a established POS presence and yet want to test the waters. VPOS helps such institutes to launch the POS services with in short time and under the budgets. Some of the benefits of our VPOS are listed below: 
• No need for POS hardwares,pin pads 
• No need for PSTN connectivity 
• No need for sophisticated card management solution to manage the POS and cards 
• Can work on any mobile at any corner. So no limitation on acquiring the merchants 
• No need to produce the POS cards / Smart cards 
• Bank can be strategic on Merchant Commissions as investments are much less 
• Can go to market within a short time possible 
• Can complement the customers with loyalty management 

MODEFINSERVER empowers your customers with access to financial services through Mobile and Internet. It supports SMS, USSD, GRPS, IVR, NFC, STK, Web and mobile browser delivery channels leveraging on a single multi-channel platform.