Computer Telephony Integration

Short Messaging Services

Incontact is an Enterprise SMS solution with high-capacity, massively scalable service platform that brings the Unicode messaging capabilities of the mobile devices and enables enterprise users to send and receive messages in multilingual text. incontact is a full-featured, secure application that allows flexibility for businesses to develop customized short message notifications. incontact has flexibility in creating campaigns to suit different needs and customer groups. incontact is developed using industry standard SMPP protocol inorder to provide a flexible data communications interface for the transfer of short messages.

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Integrating the SMS Services with the existing business applications gives an extended advantage to the corporations. It can be services such as reading email via the SMS, auto-event trigger of a SMS alert to relevant personnel during a system failure or sending customers latest information on products or services. At Pan Cyber, we aim to help enterprises to leverage on the power of the messaging technologies.

Advantages of Short Messaging Services

  • Save Cost - Reduce Communication Costs by Automated sending of company news, announcements and reports to clients.

  • Generate more revenues.

  • Retain Customer loyalty.

  • Highly rated as a means for businesses to communicate.

  • Cost-effective way of communicating to any mobile audience.

  • High level of Attention to SMS received by individuals.

  • Speed of Delivery - generally delivered in few seconds.

  • Effective way of communicating directly to the intended recipient. SMS mass broadcasting to customers on new products and services as another channel for advertising which is effective and low cost.

  • Automation - Integrate SMS with existing (legacy) database environments, SMS can be automated as easily as it is to automate the sending of e-mail.

  • Message Reporting - messages are logged with a full message report by the system and can be searched based on date, content, destination number and product or ID employed. This allows full tracking and reporting, which allows the business to exercise control.

  • One SMS - one recipient. SMS messages are sent to individual mobile handsets where it is personal and aimed at that specific individual.

  • Event triggered SMS alerts.

  • 2-Way messaging provides customers the ability to query the status and get response.