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Product overview: update.CRM

Our award-winning CRM software is the culmination of 25 years of CRM experience. We focus on continually optimizing the business processes that our customers’ marketing, sales, and service teams need. Our software integrates seamlessly into existing system environments and can be extended with a range of additional products and CRM tools for mobile and social CRM, making update.CRM a full-service solution.

Update’s CRM software at a glance:

Web-based CRM

Our web-based CRM application for marketing, sales, and service departments.

Mobile CRM

Sales team works efficiently with access to customer data – even from the road.

Social CRM

Use information from social media to assist your customers as well as possible.

CRM integration into your system environment

Perfect incorporation into complex IT infrastructures and smooth interplay with third-party systems.

Integrated evaluation functions with Analytical CRM

Analyze corporate and customer data and receive important insights faster.

CRM Administration

Documents and process description of individual systems and methodical evaluation of saved customer data.


We offer specialized, industry-specific solutions for the construction/construction supply industries, manufacturing and mechanical engineering industries, the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries, consumer goods, financial services and other sectors. Thanks to our insider's knowledge of these fields, we can help you adapt your CRM solution to your business’s specific requirements and daily operations. We continuously improve our high-quality solutions, orienting ourselves firmly toward our users’ needs and changing market requirements

The result:

CRM software that is always up-to-date, efficient, and scalable at any time, and which can be individually customized to suit your requirements. Now in its eighth generation, update’s CRM software offers more than just comprehensive functionality. It also works with a constantly growing catalog of powerful supplemental products that open up new and innovative solutions. The standard version of the CRM software is available in more than 20 languages, demonstrating our commitment to providing our customers with a flexible solution for strategic, collaborative and analytic CRM.

The new generation moves the user onto center stage

The latest generation fundamentally improves the user experience by focusing 100% on users, the processes they require and their needs when working with the CRM software. Our users are now presented with extremely flexible user interfaces that can be customized as required.
Our stringent quality standards, combined with our many years of CRM expertise, form the foundation for helping our customers become more successful and efficient through professional customer relationship management. You can focus on your essential tasks and corporate goals, enjoying increased success while we take care of the rest.


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