Computer Telephony Integration

Integration (CTI)

Control and coordination of calls, events, and applications

What is CTI: Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is defined as the exchange of commands and messages between computers, telecommunications systems and peripheral/adjunct systems which integrates existing or new computer and telephony systems. CTI is adding "intelligence" to existing applications that use voice processing and telephony. Businesses seeking new ways to better serve customers, increase productivity, or reduce costs are increasingly turning to this innovative technology solution. Faster call handling, personalized customer service, Improved sales effectiveness, Reduced management and personnel costs. Improved individual employee performance. These are goals that our customers achieve through our computer telephony integration (CTI) solutions. Pan Cyber specializes in the implementation of CTI solutions for diverse business environments. Our CTI solutions can be customized for any business environment


CTI Applications

IVR: an automated telephone answering system that plays voice prompts or voice menus and allows the user to respond via the telephone keypad . IVR is typically used in transaction-based (database) applications such as train ticket reservation systems and account information query systems.

Call Control (SoftPhone): The computer application takes control of the telephone to send commands to setup, answer, hold, and transfer calls automatically.

Screen Pop: Calling party information is presented on the computer screen automatically when the call rings the user's desktop telephone.

Contact Management: Integrating contact databases with your CTI system enables a single point of management for all contacts and correspondence.

Preview Dialing: Application allows the computer user to make calls from their screen rather than their telephone.

We are specialized in implementing the CTI solutions on various telecom platforms such as Nortel, Alcatel, Siemens, Philips, Cisco etc. Our telephony team can help you design, implement, and manage your next IVR or CT project.

Benefits of implementing CTI

  Superior Customer Service Capabilities

  Coordinated Call Handling and Database Updates

  Support Center/Call Center Cost Saving

  Increased Productivity for Users (Product Information Specialists, Service
    Representatives)     Productivity for Users (Product Information Specialists, Service     Representatives)